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Our company develop and produce a variety of multi-functional industrial Unmanned Air Vehicle (UAV) for the following purposes:

  • Control of the roads and highways, oil and gas pipe lines from the air;
  • Making flights under the extreme conditions, during man-caused and natural disasters,
    floods, large-scale fires in the industrial buildings, warehouses etc.;
  • Agricultural purpose;
  • Aerial photography;
  • Ecological radiation monitoring with the possibility of maping the level of pollution.

There are 3 main types of UAV's (and the number of modifications) with the take off weight varying from 6 to 150 kg, payloads from 2 to 40 kg, flight duration from 2 to 10 hours, flight range up to 1000 km and 100 - 400 km/hr speed. Few more type of UAV's is under development, however gone through the test flight already. We can boast almost a complete circle of designing and production. Within last 3 years some of our UAV's perform regular commercial flight operation.

About us